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Access to file in Leniency cases

Access to file in Leniency cases

Access to file in Leniency cases

In cartel cases, in addition to the CD-ROM/DVD, access to corporate statements (and immunity/leniency decisions and their notification) made orally by leniency applicants is only given at DG Competition's premises, normally on a single occasion. Any corporate statement as well as any pre-existing document or other annex to the leniency and the immunity application are part of the file.

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Neither the addressees of the SO nor their lawyers are allowed to make any copy by mechanical or electronic means of oral corporate statements, but they can take notes or dictate them. 1

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By nature, oral corporate statements should not contain any business secrets or other confidential information that cannot be disclosed, because they should contain only relevant information pertaining to the cartel conduct.


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[Note 1]
See Commission notice on Immunity from fines and reduction of fines in cartel cases (OJ C 298, 8.12.2006, p. 17), para. 7, 31-35.

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