Advisory Committee Meeting

Advisory Committee Meeting

Meeting of the Advisory Committee

The meeting is chaired by Directorate A (either at Director or Head of Unit level). The case team must be available 15 minutes before the meeting in order to brief the interpreters about the case.

More about Advisory Committee Meeting

The Chairman chairs the debate. Member States may make comments on the draft decision and ask questions to the Commission or to the other Member States.

More about the Subject

Once the debate is closed and once every participant has expressed its opinion, the Advisory Committee delivers its opinion, even if some Member States are not represented. The opinion is drafted on the spot (usually in English) and signed by all representatives that are present. A copy is distributed to the Member States representatives.

Other Considerations

A list of all attendees is prepared by the secretariat of the Advisory Committee and signed by each attendee.


The opinion of the Advisory Committee will later be published in the Official Journal, if the Advisory Committee so recommends.


See Also


  • Information about Advisory Committee Meeting in the Antitrust Manual of Procedures for the application of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU (Internal DG Competition)

Further Reading

  • Information about Advisory Committee Meeting in EU Competition Procedure, 3rd. Edition, Edited by Luis Ortiz Blanco (Oxford University Press)

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