Hearing Interim report

Hearing Interim report

Hearing Officer's Interim report and observations

The Hearing Officer's reports to the Commissioner on the hearing and the conclusions he/she draws from it in his/her interim report with regard to the respect for the effective exercise of procedural rights, including disclosure of documents, access to the file, time-limits and the proper conduct of the oral hearing (Article 14(1) of the HO Terms of Reference).

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In addition to, and separately from, the interim report, the Hearing Officer may also make observations on the further progress and impartiality of the proceedings (Article 14(2) of the HO Terms of Reference). Such observations may concern, among other things: (a) whether due account is taken of all the relevant facts; (b) the need for further information; – the withdrawal of certain objections; – the formulation of further objections; or – suggestions for further investigative measures pursuant to Chapter V of Reg. 1/2003 (e.g., request for information, interview of natural or legal persons).

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The Hearing Officer sends his draft interim report and observations to the case team for information and comments on the facts before sending it to the Competition Commissioner, after having seen the case team's report on the hearing.


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