Hearing Recording

Hearing Recording

Recording of the hearing

Article 14(8) of Reg. 773/2004 provides that the statements of each party heard must be recorded and upon request the recording has to be made available to those who attended the oral hearing by the Hearing Officer. This is done by way of audio recording (no written minutes are prepared).

More about Hearing Recording

After the hearing, the Hearing Officer sends a copy of the audio recording to the Antitrust Registry, who encodes it in the case management application. Parties who attended the hearing and have requested the audio recording may collect it at the Hearing Office. Parties who did not attend the hearing do not have a right to obtain a copy of the recording


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  • Information about Hearing Recording in the Antitrust Manual of Procedures for the application of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU (Internal DG Competition)

Further Reading

  • Information about Hearing Recording in EU Competition Procedure, 3rd. Edition, Edited by Luis Ortiz Blanco (Oxford University Press)

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