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Information about the closure of the case

Information about the closure of the case

Information about the Administrative Closure of the File

Whenever there had been a formal initiation of proceedings or a submission of a formal complaint, parties and/or complainants will be informed of the outcome of the case (for example by receiving a prohibition decision, a commitment decision, a decision to reject the complaint, a closure of proceedings decision etc.). There is therefore no need to inform them in addition of the administrative closure of the file (see relevant chapters per decision types on the information and publication process).

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However, where this has not been the case, the companies subject of the investigation, notably if involved earlier in the proceedings, should be informed by informal letter of the administrative closure of the case (e.g. when a company has been informed of investigations about it due to a complaint, which finally has been withdrawn or rejected or when finally solely an association remains the addressee of the decision, but not the members of that association subject to the investigation).

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In case inspections or other investigative measures involving companies have taken place and been confirmed on the DG Competition website and/or through a press release, but not led to a final decision, the closure of these investigations and case should normally be made public via the same means 1 .


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[Note 1]
See para. 76 of the Commission Notice on best practices on the conduct of proceedings in Articles 101 and 102 TFEU (OJ C308, 20.10.2011, p. 6).

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