Market test

Market test

Approval to market test the commitments

Once the case team considers the commitments offered are adequate to address the competition concerns, it should draft a note to the Competition Commissioner to ask for his/her approval to market test the commitments pursuant to Article 27(4) of Regulation 1/2003. The note should explain why the commitments are considered sufficient and also if any competition concerns are not addressed and why (e.g. because the case team had suggested to drop these concerns). The note should also draw attention to any areas where doubts remain as to the appropriateness of the commitments that the market test is envisaged to clarify.

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The Commission is also entitled to informally “market test” / discuss the offered commitments with specific third parties prior to publishing a notice pursuant to Article 27(4).

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If the case team is not convinced that the commitments offered prima facie address the competition concerns identified, it should not proceed with the preparation of the market test but discuss internally the procedure further.


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