Non-opposition procedure

Non-opposition procedure

Non-opposition procedure in the European Union Law

Concept of Non-opposition procedure provided by the “Glossary of terms used in EU competition policy” (Antitrust and control of concentrations, published in 2002): Special procedure laid down in certain () block exemption and other () implementing regulations to simplify exemption proce-dures, by not raising objections to a notified agreement within a period defined in these regulations. In this way the Commission either grants individual exemptions (in the transport regulations) or considers agreements block exempted (in the technology transfer regulation).

(See: Council Regulation No 1017/68 of 19.7.1968 on rail, road and inland waterway transport (OJ L 175, 23.7.1968, p. 1); Council Regulation No 4056/86 of 22.12.1986 on maritime transport (OJ L 378, 31.12.1986, p. 4); Council Regulation No 3975/87 of 14.12.1987 on air transport (OJ L 374, 31.12.1987, p. 1); Commission Regulation No 240/96 of 31.12.1996 on certain categories of tech-nology transfer agreements (OJ L 31, 9.2.1996, p. 2).)

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