Publication of the Decision

Publication of the Decision


The press conference is held and the press release is published after the sending of the operational part of the decision to the parties.

More about Publication of the Decision

The case team should also get in touch in advance with the spokesperson in order to check if she/he needs assistance before the press conference or at the press conference

More about the Subject

The adoption of the decision will be followed by a series of publications of various documents (from the text of the decision itself to a summary in the Annual Report).

Other Considerations

Pursuant to Art. 30(1) Reg. 1/2003, a summary of the decision, the Hearing Officer's Report as well as the Advisory Committee opinion(s),if recommended to be published, have to be published in the OJ in all official languages, with the exception of Irish.


In addition, DG Competition endeavours to publish the non-confidential full version of the decision on its website in the authentic language and in the drafting languages, if different from the authentic language (see further Module Publication).


See Also


  • Information about Publication of the Decision in the Antitrust Manual of Procedures for the application of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU (Internal DG Competition)

Further Reading

  • Information about Publication of the Decision in EU Competition Procedure, 3rd. Edition, Edited by Luis Ortiz Blanco (Oxford University Press)

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