Rejection of Complaints Procedure

Rejection of Complaints Procedure

Procedure for rejection of complaints

If the Commission, after careful examination of the case, comes to the preliminary conclusion that it should not pursue the case for any of the reasons mentioned above, it will first inform the complainant in a meeting or by phone that it has come to the preliminary view that the complaint may be rejected. Once informed, the complainant may decide to withdraw the complaint. If the complainant withdraws, the file will be closed.

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If the complainant upholds the complaint, the Commission will inform the complainant by a formal letter pursuant to Article 7(1) of Regulation 773/2004 of its preliminary conclusion that there are insufficient grounds for acting and set a time limit for its written observations.

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If in the course of its examination of the complaint, the Commission has opened proceedings pursuant to Article 11(6) of Regulation 1/2203, a State of Play meeting will be offered to the complainant prior to sending the Article 7(1) letter 1 .


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[Note 1]
See Best Practices Notice, paragraph 139.

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  • Information about Rejection of Complaints Procedure in “An Introduction to EU Competition Law”, Moritz Lorenz (Cambridge University Press)

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