Withdrawal of evidence

Withdrawal of evidence

Withdrawal of evidence after rejection of immunity

Request to retrieve evidence: According to point 20 of the Leniency Notice, in case of a rejection of an immunity application the applicant may withdraw the evidence it has submitted to the Commission for the purposes of its immunity application or to request the Commission to consider the evidence and information submitted as a reduction of fines application. In case the applicant does not apply or has not applied for a reduction of fines in alternative to immunity it can withdraw the evidence submitted. In case of oral applications this is of course possible only with regard to the documents that the applicant has submitted whereas the oral recordings and their transcripts will be deleted. The applicant's request to withdraw evidence should be made in writing.

More about Withdrawal of evidence

Return of documents and deletion from case management application (CMA): In practice, following such a written request the case team will give back the originals of the documents received from the applicant and delete any copies it has made of those documents, in particular in the CMA.


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