Carlsberg notice

Carlsberg notice

Carlsberg notice in the European Union Law

Concept of Carlsberg notice provided by the “Glossary of terms used in EU competition policy” (Antitrust and control of concentrations, published in 2002): Notice published in the Official Journal whereby the Commission informs third parties of a notification and invites them to submit infor-mation and/or comments concerning the notified case. The invitation contains a short summary of the case and is published in the Official Journal with the consent of the parties directly involved in the matter. This possibility of obtaining case-related information was first used by the Commission in the 'Carlsberg' case in 1992. In contrast to an () Article 19(3) notice, a Carlsberg notice is neutral and gives no indication on the preliminary position of the Commission.

As regards mergers, the Commission is obliged to publish the fact that a merger has been notified, at the same time indicating the names of the parties, the nature of the concentration and the economic sector involved.

(See: Notice on prior notification of a joint venture: Case 34.281 Carlsberg-Tetley (OJ C 97, 16.4.1992, p. 21); Article 4(3) of the merger regulation.)







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