Appeals (article 256 TFEU) (“pourvoi”)

Judgments of the General Court can in turn be appealed, in whole or in part, to the Court of Justice by the unsuccessful party, before the General Court. The Commission may therefore be the appellant if it has been unsuccessful before the General Court.

More about Appeals

Such appeals are limited to questions of law (the Court of Justice does not review the facts of the case unless it can be shown that the General Court clearly distorted the obvious meaning of the evidence before it). A significant number of General Court judgments in the competition field are appealed before the Court of Justice every year.


See Also


  • Information about Appeals in the Antitrust Manual of Procedures for the application of Articles 101 and 102 TFEU (Internal DG Competition)

Further Reading

  • Information about Appeals in EU Competition Procedure, 3rd. Edition, Edited by Luis Ortiz Blanco (Oxford University Press)

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